"Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway."
John Wayne.
Gwyn & Jill

Little Gift Theatre and 'Time Bomb'

Little Gift Theatre Company was co-founded in 1998 by Gwyn Harwood and Jill Miller, two extraordinary women whose breast cancer experience motivated them to become performers in their own dramatic cancer journeys.

Gwyn and Jill approached Marina Sossi, a young talented director, who encouraged them to look over their shoulders and bring that journey to life. Devising 'Time Bomb' was not always easy, with Marina often persuading the women to look into the dark corners of emotion in order to make the experience come alive with honesty, vitality and strength.

The result is 'Time Bomb' - a groundbreaking performance about the realities of living with breast cancer. It is a unique play and a unique experience, a "roller-coaster of emotion, not to be missed".

Little Gift performs 'Time Bomb' for any group who wishes to book. The production has played to various health professionals throughout the UK in diverse settings, - hospitals, hospices, schools and colleges. The theatre company has also toured Germany and Australia.

The performance is approximately fifty minutes long, and Little Gift offers the audience an opportunity to explore the issues it raises and study its content further in an after-show question and discussion session.

'Time Bomb' is so much more than a performance. This real life experience has been shaped into a unique and memorable piece of drama.

'Time Bomb' is available for seminars and conferences, but book early - we are in great demand.